The Undercover Starlet, Starlet Journal is a colorful, inspirational diary for young women to write out their thoughts. The Starlet Journal features an inspirational notes section with tips on how to feel good and take care of you everyday written by Tanille, author of the novel Broken and star of Undercover Starlet the series. Dr. Latoya Edwards contributes a health article on fats and eating choices to remind young women to make better choices when nourishing their bodies. The Starlet Journal is a complete diary to help young women care for their minds, bodies and souls.

Super-soft cotton, hand pressed Undercover Starlet long sleeve t-shirt featuring a Starlet Quote by Tanille: "Shining like a star from within is what Undercover Starlet means to me!"

Super soft organic cotton t-shirt with a stretch fit. Sits nicely at the waist with the sexy Dare Go Undercover front print that has been hand pressed on.