A series about Milan in the city ... known as New York. Seventeen in New York City can be a magical, mystical experience for those who believe in love. The challenge of facing who we truly are beyond the lights of fame underneath the blush of a perfectly made up face—that can be daunting.

Milan is the girl everyone wants to be but no one really knows. Milan is a young, emerging teen supermodel struggling to hide her hearing disability to others. She is caught up in the sweet memories of her first love and struggling to figure out just how much she would risk for that love.

What would you risk for love? Have you ever known a love for which you'd even die?

Broken is a novel conceived in the new media era where books and music can be consumed on a single platform. Every copy of Broken includes a link to download the Broken soundtrack that includes free music from author & singer/songwriter Tanille.

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